Anonymous: I actually have some really cute tissue packages with cats and dogs, and I have many, but I can't bring myself to throw even one of them away(and most of them are identical). I'm pretty much the same with most of my things so yeah I guess that the part about us being hoarders is definitely true otl
Anonymous: To the anon who feels that they're too busy trying to please others to be themselves- I'm also an INFJ, and I do the same thing! Because INFJs are so empathetic, it's easy for us to see exactly what- or who -we need to be in order to make others happy. Remember, even if you act a little different with each person, it's still all you!

Thank you for saying this. <3

Mini Hiatus

Hello everyone! Thank you all for being so brilliant and lovely to me and each other. I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow I’m going on holiday for 2 weeks so I won’t be posting until I get back. 

- Emma x

Anonymous: Hello. :) Is it common for INFJs to make it hard to let go of things? (No matter how little.) For example, I decided to delete all my blog posts to make it a complete, clean-looking art blog instead of a random one. But I find it hard to delete all of of them because I only chose posts that I like to post or reblog. I eventually did but it took me a long time to to that.

Hi. :) I think so, yeah. I remember reading something once saying INFJs can be terrible “hoarders”. I’m bad at letting things go; physical and emotional!

Anonymous: I'm always presenting myself in a way that I think others will like and I'm always trying to please everyone which makes me not being myself quite often. People like me because I do nothing wrong but it feels like they don't really know the real me. I don't know who I am and how I feel sometimes and I wonder if there's someone out there like me? /an INFJ

It’s really tough to feel that way. :( It’s normal to want to be liked but, like I said to the last anon, taking things to extremes like this isn’t very good for your well-being. But I know it’s difficult to stop being like that; you’re probably very empathetic and it comes naturally to you. 

Anonymous: I'm an INFJ who feels like I have to control everything and take care and be nice to everyone so they have a great time. I also want to perform good at everything and I get sad and disappointed at myself if I don't. I'm also a HSP, I think, and I easily get bad conscience. Is that normal for an INFJ?

I think the first thing you said might be more normal for INFJs than many other types, particularly Ts, but in extremes it isn’t really normal for anyone to take responsibility for making sure everyone is okay all the time. Obviously, it’s good to be kind to others but you should try not to let all your feelings of self-worth rest on it or feel guilty about it. Balance is usually the right way to go for most things. 

Perfectionism is normal for INFJs (though not necessarily healthy), so that fits with the second thing you said.

I get a bad conscience easily too! I think it is normal for INFJs because we often think a lot about issues of morality, and our values and principles are extremely important to us. This combined with our perfectionism can lead to us scrutinizing ourselves and feeling overly guilty. 

Anonymous: Hi! So as an INFJ, i don't like large groups of people and can be uncomfortable around several people I don't know. Sometimes in those type of group settings I can feel like I have a social disorder because it feels so hard to connect and relax! Does that ever happen to you?

Hello! Well, I actually have social anxiety disorder but I’m pretty sure I developed it partly because I’m very empathetic (a common trait of INFJs) and that mixed with my already anxious temperament was not good. I became very self-conscience and over-analysed everyone else’s behaviour to try and figure out what they were thinking and usually came to the conclusion it was something bad about me. 

So, yes, I often feel uncomfortable in those sorts of situations. Sometimes even when I’m not feeling anxious I find it hard to talk to being I don’t know because I’m so useless at making small talk, which I know loads of INFJs struggle with too. 

jiyoungle: Regarding differences between INFJ males and females: as a psych teacher and male INFJ, my experience has shown me that females are indeed drawn to the written word but males are not as likely to be. This has been true of both my students and peers.

That’s interesting! Thanks for sharing. It’s true for me, I’m obsessed with the written word.

MBTI most accurate descriptions

ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable. 

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg. power stats make them unbeatable and if you encounter one, maybe just curl up and forfeit, to save time. 

ESFP: giggly little shits. fun fun fun till her daddy takes the t-bird away. great for lifting your mood, not that great at lifting your credit score. 

ESFJ: too appropriate, totally lacking in awkwardness. they’ll never forget your birthday, which will make you feel like shit when you constantly forget theirs. 

ENTP: excellent companions if you enjoy people who instantly see through all your shit. very clever and very intuitive, you can’t fool them. i suggest you invest in other friends — ones you *can* fool. 

ENTJ: impatient with people who make mistakes, namely, everyone. they’ll respect you if you stand up to them but why do that when you can run away instead. cuddle them and see what happens. i’m curious.

ENFP: too puppy to live. best suited for the profession of musical nanny. not advised for use around an open flame. 

ENFJ: way too charming and capable, maybe they should stop making everyone else look bad. prone to making other people care about stuff they didn’t want to care about. so annoying. 

ISTP: such butts. best suited for an apocalypse scenario, if no such scenario exists, they will create danger because they get bored. don’t encourage them, but don’t discourage them, as reverse psychology works too well.

ISTJ: low drama and low maintenance, best value at this price tier. best suited to actual human existence. least weird, which makes them kinda weird.

ISFP: squishy little darlings you might want to keep in your pocket, but please don’t or they will become forlorn. they notice everything, and it’s unnerving. 

ISFJ: quietly and proudly do things for others. if you have a ring you need to deliver to mordor, take an ISFJ along with you for best results. 

INTP: cute intergalactic spiders you want to hug and mistrust. prone to making you laugh but then days later you will wonder whether you were the butt of the joke. 

INTJ: major dicks and kinda proud of it. prone to being right. prone to liking trance music way too much. all the ones i’ve ever met have been unexpectedly kinky. so i guess, expectedly. 

INFP: they fall out of the sky and are raised by unicorns. if you feed one it will follow you home. they dissipate in water. 

INFJ: chameleons appropriating your emotions and going quietly mad. prone to meltdowns and needing lots of naps.

(Source: dontbecuteyoufuck)

Anonymous: I'm an INFJ. I quit my job about 6 months ago and have decided to live a life that's meaningful to me because I refuse to do something that I don't believe. I believe our actions represent our principles and that's why many people both shock and appall me. I'm here because I'm having a bit of an existential crisis and feel like I need some direction. Lately my time is only filled with he pursuit of knowledge and my college degree but I feel like I'm missing something. I need an esoteric clue.

You sound so much like me. I really want to live a life of integrity by only doing things I truly believe in. It’s difficult for me to remember that not everyone’s actions are guided by principles, but in order to not get too upset I think I need to remember that; people just act without thinking and that doesn’t mean they intended to cause harm.

The pursuit of knowledge and a degree can be fulfilling and worthwhile, but that’s not enough for me either, I need a strong spiritual life as well as an intellectual one. For me, that’s not any kind of organised religion or deity but a feeling of oneness with the universe and, like you said, acting on my principles. Meditation is good too. 

I hope things go well for you. :)

decmber28th: Can my fellow infj's like this post? Until the day I found out I was an infj, I felt terribly alone in this world. To know of people who share the same personality traits as me would be an honor. If any of you would love to talk (I don't mind what they're about), I'm here. Much love to all of you. x


Anonymous: Are all INFJs overly sensitive? Cause, I think that I'm not as sensitive as other people are, maybe it's because I keep my feelings to myself, and is more difficult to hurt me... Or I may not be as sensitive as I thought I was...

INFJs aren’t inherently overly sensitive. I think it’s just that a combination of I and F often make us so but sensitivity is separate from mbti (at least in my opinion). I wrote in the ‘about’ page that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person and I know a lot of followers are, but I remember asking a while ago if people were HSPs and a good chunk of people said they weren’t, so there are INFJs like you. 

lightstripe: Hi. Great Blog btw. I'm interested in the differences between male and female infj area of personalities. They differences I'd like feedback on are in how behaviour/traits present. e.g. An ifnj female may not - in my experience - self monitor e feelings in the way/or as much than males. It may be the societal/cultural pressures. I'm not sure. In my experience, males may under varying circumstances and health - look intp/j or even infp. Or is is just me haha. Thanks.

Hi. Thank you! I’m not convinced there would be much differences apart from those caused by societal/cultural pressures, like you said. From my experience, I’ve seen that men who are Fs often try to hide or downplay their sensitivity and emotionality because in our society people associate these things with women and think it’s degrading or bad for a man to be like that. So, INFJ men might often appear to be more similar to INTJs than INFJ women, in general.

By Billy Joel

Vienna by Billy Joel

annabellioncourt: For the play list: Vienna by Billy Joel. Perfect, its like hearing someone talk to an INFJ.

I agree!! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’ll post it in just a sec.